Benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol for Your Business

For a long time, many people have had the misconception that VoIP is only ideal for large businesses and corporations. Nevertheless, internet telephony has numerous features that will favor the small business owner.

Here are the benefits you stand to enjoy if you incorporate this telephoning technology into your business after you compare top rated residential VoIP providers.

1. Excellent Call Quality

Advancements in internet and VoIP technology have reached a point where you cannot tell whether the person on the other end of the line is using a traditional landline or VoIP. In its formative years, VoIP was not well accepted by the general masses because slow internet speeds made for significant and noticeable delays between the time you communicate and the time the other person receives it. It was not convenient for business. Today, however, the technology has evolved in such a way that it has surpassed the call quality of traditional landlines.

2. Multi-Functionality

Voice over IP technology is not limited to just making and receiving phone calls. Today’s VoIP incorporates other essential services such as teleconferencing, instant messaging, video conferencing, presence information, faxes via email, and receiving voicemail.

As such, features such as video conferencing will enable you to instantly touch base with your employees if you need to regardless of where you are on the globe. Additionally, in today’s world where many companies are embracing remote working, you can use this technology to cheaply and effectively communicate with employees working from home.

Also, using VoIP, you can have faxes and voicemails forwarded to your email. This will allow you to either archive or forward these messages.

3. Secure

As compared to traditional telephony, VoIP offers you a much higher level of security. This is because this technology has standardized encryption protocols which ensure that your data and calls cannot be listened to or tapped by third parties. That is something that cannot be assured by a regular phone connection.

4. Portability

The thing about VoIP is that you can use it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, this technology allows you to make or receive phone calls via multiple devices, such as your smartphone, which ensures that you can be conveniently reached by your colleagues, employees, or customers no matter where you are in the world.

VoIP portable technologies

It also enables you to transfer calls to the relevant individuals without having to ask your customer to call another number. You can also set your status using this technology so that your partners can know whether you are available or not.

5. Automated Systems

VoIP also has features that are programmable to serve your customers after office hours or during times when a human operator is not available to take the call. This ensures that your clients receive optimal service at any time of day or night.

6. Call Recording Services

A VoIP system can also record calls at your request. This allows you or your partners to playback important phone calls to ensure that you do not miss any important messages. This phoning technology also allows you to review call logs, so you can know the times of day at which customers call the most, the duration of each call, in addition to other specific information that you desire.

7. Enhanced Productivity

Voice over Internet Protocol technology enhances productivity by doing away with the ‘phone tag.’ A phone tag refers to the phenomenon that happens when two individuals are trying to reach other simultaneously thus ending up with neither getting hold of the other. This only leads to frustration from customers and can negatively impact sales thereby inhibiting your business’s capacity to grow.

However, by making use of VoIP services, you can program phone numbers to ring on multiple devices before they go to voicemail. This, therefore, inhibits the likelihood of your customers and employees having to go through phone tag.

8. Cost-Effective

The operation costs of using a VoIP service are significantly lower than those of traditional telephone companies. Here are some of the specific instances in which your business can cut on significant costs by subscribing to a VoIP service:

• A VoIP system will significantly cut down the rates you pay for your international calls. This is because VoIP systems use a virtual number which is not connected to a physical landline phone but appears as to be so to the person that you are calling. As such, your customers can call you at the local rate even when you are overseas because your virtual number looks as if it is within their local exchange. This ensures that you successfully circumvent the high international rates.

• Your business will no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data.

• VoIP’s video conferencing and teleconferencing capabilities eliminate the need for workers who are on the field to travel back to the office to discuss their findings. This effectively cuts on traveling costs as well.

• VoIP handsets are considerably cheaper than traditional phones.

The digital age has fostered the emergence of technologies that are more convenient and cheaper than older technologies. This is the case with VoIP technology. Internet access is available in almost all corners of the globe. And with the high internet speeds of today, this provides the ideal environment for VoIP technology to thrive. Voice over Internet Protocol will ensure that you make considerable cost savings as well as offering your business and its clients’ unprecedented convenience.