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How to De-stress Wedding Planning

What to Do When You’re Ready to Say I Do?

The absolutely easiest part of getting married is saying the two words “I do”. Finding the absolute perfect person to say those two beautiful words to can be a grueling and nerve wrecking task. If you are fortunate enough to find that super special someone, don’t relax just yet, your work is far from complete. Congratulations! You now may embark on the task of planning a wedding. My first and foremost instinct is to tell you to hire a professional wedding planner and save yourself the headache.


Reality then sinks in. I’ve attended more than a few wedding disasters forged at the diabolical hands of evil wedding planners, so you may want to do the planning yourself. I remember sitting in the baby nursery in the back of a big, beautiful church trying to comfort my big sister on her wedding day as she balled her eyes out. Between her sniffles and wailing I discovered that the wedding planner had completely ruined her wedding, and her life. How could that incompetent wedding planner use burgundy and white flowers that were supposed to be crimson and cream bouquets?. There was no way she was going to walk down the aisle with that tacky bouquet in the completely wrong colors.

Fortunately, the wedding was only delayed for forty five minutes and this tragic incident did not totally ruin the wedding, but it could have. It was at this precise moment that madewedding-rings-251590_640 me I realize that when my special day was upon me, it would be just the Judge, my mate and I attending the ceremony, and we would probably be wearing jeans Whether you decide to do it in your jeans or in an elaborate extravagant ensemble, your wedding day is one of the most important events in your entire lifespan. It can truly be the happiest day of your life if all goes as plan; but let’s face it, nothing ever goes as planned. Sometimes, the wedding itself, is not even planned at all. Planning the perfect wedding can be nerve wracking, and often the road to your dream come true is a total nightmare. Before you rush into the wedding planning world, knowing the best type of wedding to chose for you and your mates special day is important. Unaware of the different types of weddings that exist? No problem! I have laid them all out for you.

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